Yes. Here at THE WRAP FIRM we offer a 1 year workmanship warranty on installation. That means if at any time during the first year your wrap starts peeling, or something isn’t right with it, you bring it in, and we’ll fix it. Vinyl manufacturers also offer a warranty on their materials. 3M for example has warranties on all their material. Their warranties vary from material to material, and things like geographic location also play a factor. There are also different warranties for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Using an automatic car wash such as delta sonic will void your warranty, We cannot ensure their facility is ran properly or their solutions are wrap friendly so if an issue occurs you will need to take that issue up with their loss prevention/ damages department. We can however replace the panel for you once the issue is resolved with such company. Vinyl wrap warranties are complicated, so if you have questions about specifics, get in touch and we’ll answer your warranty questions!

Our vehicle install warranty is 1 year on new vehicles only. Used vehicles carry a 6-month warranty against manufacturer defects, peeling and pulling only. If a client notices any issues, they must notify us immediately and it is the client’s duty to bring the vehicle to us within 48hrs of dry weather, to assess and remediate the issue.

We at the wrapfirm are trusted installers and specifically use only proven high end name brand vinyls such as 3M, Avery, Hexis, SOTT, Inozetek, and KPMF. If however a client requests a specific color using a non-trusted brand such as (but not limited to): Teckwrap, eBay rebrands, Amazon vinyls, etc, there will be no warranty provided with the vinyl, removal, or any damages that may occur to the vehicles paint/plastics etc. once removed. These off-brand vinyls have non-tested semi-permanent/permanent glue and we have noticed that it’s a 50/50 chance that it will come off or pull paint while coming off. We chose to stick to the proven brands so there are no foreseen issues. With that being said, we do not accept client provided vinyl either. If a client insists on providing their own vinyl, this will also void any warranty for the install, removal and/or vehicles paint/plastics while removing. We also cannot warranty or guarantee any installs over rust, moving parts (hinges, wheels, calipers etc.).

Please note, during installs there is always the chance of minor scratches, cuts and chance that paint may pull off. We do not know the history of your vehicle. If it’s been repainted, fixed, or sprayed improperly, if it had proper cure time, if there is rust forming underneath, not enough layers of paint etc. With that being said we are not responsible for any damages that may occur during install, during removal of any panels, badges, etc. We will do our best to disclose any potential issues we foresee before we start.

Installs may take longer during colder temperatures as the vehicle needs to be cleaned, dried, prepped, and let sit in a constant temperature of 70 degrees inside our shop for at least 12-24hrs for proper adhesion. If our clients decide to wash their car before hand, please do not use tire shine or tire dressing. This will also void a warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Conform Chrome Series Films are chrome accent films designed to add special effects to graphics. Before using, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use and accepts responsibility to ensure compliance with any and all laws and regulations concerning the use of chrome film on vehicles or in the ultimate graphic application, end user assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.

It is recommended that the chrome conform vinyl be protected with the use of DOL1460. This is an additional cost. If desired please request a quote. The DOL1460 laminated to the top of the film prior to application provides greater structure to the product, and improves abrasion resistance. However, greater care should be taken to ensure ultimate longevity of this specialty vinyl. It is intended for car shows, and off-road use only and is normally rated for one year durability.

Some surface imperfections are not uncommon in the film, or during install. Slight hazing on edges and conformed contoured areas occurs. Minor Scratches are normal with install. these are not considered a defect or covered under any type of manufacturer warranty and are expected with this type of film. Chrome wraps as with other vinyl wraps are not recommended to be brought through any type of touch less or car wash in general. Hand wash is the preferred form of cleaning with new micro fiber towel, and water/non-abrasive soap. Wax may be applied in a cool shaded area. Compounds are not recommended.

Chrome wraps do not carry any type of warranty.