Yes. Here at THE WRAP FIRM we offer a 1 year workmanship warranty on installation. That means if at any time during the first year your wrap starts peeling, or something isn’t right with it, you bring it in, and we’ll fix it. Vinyl manufacturers also offer a warranty on their materials. 3M for example has warranties on all their material. Their warranties vary from material to material, and things like geographic location also play a factor. There are also different warranties for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Using an automatic car wash such as delta sonic will void your warranty, We cannot ensure their facility is ran properly or their solutions are wrap friendly so if an issue occurs you will need to take that issue up with their loss prevention/ damages department. We can however replace the panel for you once the issue is resolved with such company. Vinyl wrap warranties are complicated, so if you have questions about specifics, get in touch and we’ll answer your warranty questions!