Let's get creative by putting ART in MOTION!

  • Full Chrome blue benz wrap
    Our long time client wanted a new wrap for his new purchase that would really give it the wow factor. So we recommended something off the wall crazy, a Chrome wrap. He accepted the idea and we went at it! 1 week later here she is, the first blue chrome benz in the northeast. This definitely breaks necks anywhere he goes! If your looking to have your vehicle wrapped with a chrome wrap, matte wrap, satin wrap, gloss wrap, carbon fiber wrap, holographic wrap, candy wrap, metallic wrap etc.
  • RASmus ristolinen | buffalo sabres Matte black sq5 vinyl wrap & custom 3 piece rotiform kps wheels
    We had our long time friend over at the sabres give us a call about a high profile client of his that was looking to have his vehicle wrapped and outfitted with a custom set of 3 piece wheels. So obviously we took on the challenge! We ended up wrapping this client, Rasmus Ristolinen of the buffalo sabres, Audi SQ5 in the 3M ultra black matte wrap film, we also did a chrome delete on some panels and outfitted the truck with some new 3 piece rotiform KPS 22" gloss black rims!
  • Printed raptor design on a Hockey goalie helmet!?
    Our client called us about a hockey helmet they wanted wrapped for thier goalie, BUT they were not really feeling the cost of an airbrushed design. So he wanted to know what we could do and if it was possible. our answer, OF COURSE IT IS! They brought the helmet over to our shop and gave us the idea and we got on the imac and started creating. within a day the design was set and printed next day, ready for install. Install was tricky but the final product was worth it! our client was ecstatic!