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The WRAP FIRM is a visual communication company built on purpose-driven design. We specializing in vehicle wraps and graphics But are also known for our environment branding, business signage, and so much more! With a 10 year strong diverse and knowledgeable design & fabrication staff, Creative design team, and an overall passion for functional artistic products geared around standing out from the crowd, The WRAP FIRM can’t even be compared to ANY local companies. Local branding powerhouses only care about one thing, More volume. They neglect the small details and that's why we strive. We come in and show clients we care about them, and that they aren't just another notch on our belt of mass production and bragging rights. We do however push as much business being a small company as even the largest of the local corporations, BUT our issues are slim to none and our product is of higher quality as proven by the durability and longevity. We produce to last, not to fail and push future business to replace.

Nicolas Pearl, founder and owner, is well known for his personalized artistic talent, crazy marketing ploys, and love for not only his family & friends but his clients as well. His passion is deeper than just doing business, It's his desire to create and see others become successful from proper branding. The WRAP FIRM wishes to grow with every customer as partners, teammates, and friends. We want to grow with you, because without you, we wouldn't be anything but a vision.

The WRAP FIRM understands that every business is unique, and each of our customers need a different approach to their underlying idea with a creative solution. That’s why we listen, and recommend a unique approach, with your company vision in mind. Our services are versatile in what we offer. Architectural Interiors and Exterior Custom Graphic Applications. Building custom displays, Wrapping Walls, Brick, Concrete, Glass, and Floor Wrapping, Fleet & personal vehicle wraps, ATV, UTV, Motorsport & Watersport applications, Custom LED signage, Routed PVC designs, Lawn signs, stickers and more. We try to be your one stop graphic solution & fabrication shop whether it be mobile or static.


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